Screen Printing

Screen Printing

A Cost Effective Way to Produce 25 to 25,000 copies of your Graphic Design



Screen printing is a highly efficient way to produce large quantities of banners, signs, posters, t-shirts, and decals. We produce high output jobs for a fraction of the cost of other processes. Screen printing is a full color process and can produce graphics with incredible detail. Screen printing can also be used to print on materials and objects that very few other processes will work with.

Lynch Signs has been been printing custom t-shirts for businesses and individuals for over 20 years. Every step of our process has been tested and tweaked over the years so that the end result is a custom printed design that looks great on every garment.

We use the latest in screen stretching technology to make sure the tension of the screen for your design is perfect. This means that your custom t shirt design will come out sharp and clean. To see what we mean look at one of the printed t shirts in your collection. (We know you have at least 10). You can tell right away how well a job has been done by how sharp the lines are. Each color in your design requires a different screen. To produce a quality screen, the colors are lined up correctly to produce a sharp image displaying each color where it belongs.


Our capabilities include: